Remember all those times you posed for my Dad Clarence John to click a picture whenever we visited you or whenever you visited us on South York St in Denver Colorado?

I hope you enjoy a look back at some pretty amazing photos. If you are related to me, in anyway, there's a great chance you are in several of these pictures and maybe you are in lots of them. Dad always used a 35mm SLR manual camera and had slides made so he could show them to you when you came to visit us, using his slide projector.  It was often my job to put up the silver screen that was stored in the front room closet.
                                         Please sit back and enjoy the show again.

In December 2004, I decided to begin digitizing all 3000 slides. The magazines in which the slides were stored were briefly marked with a year and some sketchy content information but the majority of the Captions are mine. The order in which the photos are viewed in the slide shows are almost random but I tried to keep them in some sort of chronological order.   I apologize in advance for errors, especially for not knowing some of the subjects of which I have marked Unknown.  If, while viewing these photos you can correct any information I have, please leave a "Comment" on the photo and I will be notified to make the changes. You can also send me an email anytime to .  I appreciate your help, in advance, to help me to accuratly describe who the actors are in these scenes.

                                   Please sit back and enjoy the show!

Dedicated to my mother, in memory of Dad, Clarence John Banka

View Dad's slides at:
Dad's Slides

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